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Animated Scroll To Top – All Themes (VQMOD) Animated Scroll To Top – All Themes (VQMOD)

This extension is quite simple but really useful. It adds animated scroll to top button if the user ..


Attribute Custom Multilanguage Units Attribute Custom Multilanguage Units

Whit this extension you can create various custom units for attributes, or create a Multilanguage un..



This extension allows categories and sub-categories to be displayed on all layers. Display product ..


Automatic Price Update Automatic Price Update

This extension adds the automatic price update on the product page. Your customers will see the upda..


Clear Inactive Cart Clear Inactive Cart

This extension can erase cart data after an inactive interval. You can set the interval in second. ..


Color Options + Color Options +

With this extension you can add color options. You can also add color options to category list and t..


Custom Info Fields Custom Info Fields

With this extension you can add various “attribute-fields” info boxes. Help your customers to ident..


Custom Options Placeholder Custom Options Placeholder

With this extension you can setup your custom placeholder text for your options...


Customer Group Coupon Customer Group Coupon

This extensions add the functionality to coupons to be restricted and managed by customer groups...


Made In Made In

Extension adds a made in field with a flag to the product info section. ..


Newsletter Subscription Discount Newsletter Subscription Discount

This extension adds the ability to award people for subscribing to your newsletters, thus maximizing..


Ordered Options 2+ Ordered Options 2+

This extension will sort your options according to your sort order or if that is not set than accord..


Password Protect Your Front-End Password Protect Your Front-End

This extension protects your front end with the password. It is session based, thus if you write the..


Password Protect Your Front-End - MULTISTORE Password Protect Your Front-End - MULTISTORE

This protects your front end of your MULTISTORE stores with the passwords. It is session based, thu..


Product Discounts to Category List Product Discounts to Category List

This extension will display product discounts on category and search page. Added support for default..


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