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Hide Admin Menu + Modules + Payments + Shipping + MORE


Hide Admin Menu + Modules + Payments + Shipping + Tabs + Dashboard + Help + More

Now ability to hide shipping and payment methods!

Ability to hide shop Setting tabs!

Compatible with CIRCLOID Admin Theme

Compatible with IMPULSEPRO & IMPULSEPRO 2 Admin Theme

Our support team can help you with ANY admin theme
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What it does
This extension hides admin menu items when a user is not allowed to access to related functions. It also hide/show modules under extension menu item, payment and shipping methods according to user permissions, dashboard elements, system settings tabs (system > settings > edit) and template. It works properly even with other third party extensions, modules or admin items.
It also removes the help section in the menu.

  • Hide Admin Menu items
  • Hide Modules
  • Hide Payment methods
  • Hide Shipping methods
  • Hide Order Total methods
  • Hide Settings Tabs
  • Hide Dashboard Elements
  • Hide Help info
  • Hide Category and Product Delete button
  • Hide Sales Order Delete button
  • Manage Dashboard plugin
  • Customizable Welcome screen


OpenCart 1.5 demo (guest/guest)

OpenCart 2.0 demo (guest/guest)

OpenCart 2.0 Tab demo (guest/guest)

Dashboard Plugin demo (guest/guest)


Vqmod Module 2.2.1 (or last version, see below)

opencart 2:


See Documentation...


The mod is released via vqmod and ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).

1) Install vqmod following its instructions if you do not already have it (download

2) Copy the xml script in your vqmod/xml folder.

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to remove the file extension in vqmod/xml.

[b]OPENCART 2[/b]
The mod is released via ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).


1) Upload *.zip package through Extensions > Extension Installer trhough opencart admin

2) Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications

3) Go to Extensions > Modules > Install and setup the Admin Menu/Module Hide module

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to Disable or Delete the extension in Extensions > Modifications and then clear - refresh cache.

For manual rolback delete files in system\modification and Refresh the cache in admin.


[b]OPENCART 2 Dashboard Plugin[/b]
See readme file in the package.

[b]3rd Party Extensions[/b]
We provide additional service for 3rd party extensions that are not made by us. That means that some extensions will add some fields to the menu which you wont be able to hide. In that case we have to make adjustments to those extensions to make them "hidable". The costs for the service are 15$ per 3 extensions.

The reason behind it is that there are thousands of extensions and many our clients are returning all the times to add new 3rd party extensions. The process is time consuming and when this service was for free we could not provide proper support to other our extensions.

v2.5.5 (04/04/2017)
- OC 2.3 backwards compatibility for older modules

v2.5.4f (26/01/2016)
- OC 2 impulse pro 2 theme admin support

v2.5.4 (02/08/2016)
- OC 2.3 compatibility

v2.5.3 (20/07/2016)
- OC 2.1 - fixed minor bug where analytics was not displayed in menu

v2.5.3 (04/07/2016)
- OC 2.2 - fixed dashboard plugin template file

v2.5.2f (19/02/2016)
- OC 2.1 - fastor theme support

v2.5.2 (2/12/2015)
- OC 2.1 - customer menu fix

v2.5.1 (6/11/2015)
- OC 2 - added ability to hide template and layout in settings

v2.5 (12/10/2015)
- OC support

v2.4 (3/9/2015)
- journal 2 + circloid bug fix

v2.3 (18/6/2015)
- ability to hide fraud in OC 2.0.3+

v2.2 (20/4/2015)
- updated dashboard plugin

v2.1 (20/4/2015)
- added extra permission control
- compatibility with new features of opencart
- added ability to hide extension "order total" options
- fixed compatibility with new dashboard plugin
- dashboard plugin now standalone with extra features
- minor bug fixes

v2.0 (6/3/2015)

v1.9a (11/2/2015)

v1.9 (1/2/2015)
- Affiliate notification fix

v1.8.5 (4/1/2015)
- circloid bug fix
- added ability to hide delete order button

v1.8.1 (18/12/2014)
- bugfix

v1.8 (13/12/2014)
- Added ability to hide product and category delete button

v1.7 (27/11/2014)
- updated dashboard options for Circloid theme

v1.6 (13/11/2014)
- ability to hide Dashboard elements

v1.5 (3/11/2014)
- ability to hide setting tabs
- added store-settings header fix for OPENCART 2

v1.4 (20/10/2014)
- attribute bug fix

v1.3 (13/10/2014)
- ability to hide shipping and payments

v1.2 (4/10/2014)
- OPENCART 2 Module - options

v1.1 (20/9/2014)
- bug fixes
- custom admin theme support

v1.0 (20/4/2014)
- Initial release

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