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Password Protect Your Front-End - MULTISTORE

Password Protect Your Front-End - MULTI-STORE

What it does
This extension is really useful. It protect your front end of your stores with the passwords. It is session based, thus if you write the password correctly the extension won’t call for the password again.

This is a new MULTISTORE version of our previous extension.

It is fully customizable, you can change position of the panel, dimensions of the panel, you can add your own HTML content, set password title, set your password error message, set your submit button label, set your own menu colour with our colour picker, set your background colour, change your own background, set your background position or repetitiveness of your background and of course set your own password to protect your frond end from the world wide web.

If your site is still under development, but you want to showcase to your client so you password protect it and give the password to your client to look around your site.

Timed Sessions - define time when the password expire
Multiple passwords - add more than one password

And much more…


OpenCart 2.0 default demo (guest/guest)
You can reset the password session with "Unset Password Session" button.

Front end:
OpenCart 2.0 default demo (123456)


Vqmod Module 2.2.1 (or last version, see below)

opencart 2:


See Documentation...


The mod is released via vqmod and ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).

1) Install vqmod following its instructions if you do not already have it (download

2) Copy the xml script in your vqmod/xml folder.

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to remove the file extension in vqmod/xml.

[b]OPENCART 2[/b]
The mod is released via ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).


1) Upload *.zip package through Extensions > Extension Installer trhough opencart admin

2) Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications

3) Go to Extensions > Modules > Install and setup the "Password Screen - Light Frontend password protect" module

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to Disable or Delete the extension in Extensions > Modifications and then clear - refresh cache.

For manual rolback delete files in system\modification and Refresh the cache in admin.

v2.4 (20.10.2016)
- MAJOR UPDATE for OC 1.5+

v2.3m (06.10.2016)
- adding new functions and minor fixes

v2.3d (10/08/2016)
- OC 2.1 minor fix

v2.3 (05/08/2016)
- OC 2.3 support

v2.1f (17/04/2016)
- fixed issues in identifying correct store ids in admin panel
- minor bug fix

v2.1c (19/02/2016)
- added timed sessions for opencart
- enhanced responsiveness for opencart

v2.1 (14/12/2015)
- added timed sessions
- enhanced responsiveness

v2.0 (1/12/2015)
- completely remastered, php approach

v1.4 (9/10/2015)
- added 1.5 support

v1.3 (24/8/2015)
- added feature to add more than one password
- you can press enter to accept the password now

v1.1 (23/07/2015)
- fixed bug that occurred in 3+ stores

v1.0 (07/04/2015)
- Initial release

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