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Quantity Options PRO+ AutoPrice


Quantity Options PRO+ AutoPrice

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What it does

With this module you can assign special options with ability to set quantities. Your customers can choose from select options, radio options, checkbox options and image options with quantity box.
All quantities are handled in the cart with the output of the chosen quantity count.

Also you can turn on the automatic price counter, which will count the end price on the fly according to options chosen and quantities chose.

And not in the last case it is fully compatible with our Product Options to Category List and also integrated with the default opencart modules like featured, special and bestsellers. (demo )


  • on/off option for option image popup
  • assign special options with quantities
  • select, radio, checkbox and image options with quantity box
  • new checkbox option with images
  • output of the chosen quantity count in cart
  • automatic price counter
  • fully compatible with our Product Options to Category List

PRO Features


[b]OPENCART 2[/b]
The mod is released via ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).

1) Copy the content of the upload folder to the system folder of your store.
2) Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications
3) Go to extension > module  > edit Quantity Options + and setup the extension.

For a rollback of the installation, you have to delete the files in system\modification and delete the

quantity-options.ocmod.xml file and Refresh the cache in admin.

v2.0fx (21/12/2016)
- fixed a bug when option quantity was not subtracted

v2.0fc (25/11/2016)
- fixed a bug when not tax is present

v2.0 (24/11/2016)
- added feature to hide option price text in catalogue

v2.0 (23/11/2016)
- added PRO features

v1.0.7k (26/10/2016)
- oc 2.3 fixed error log bug when modification was applied to radio rating buttons as well

v1.0.7f (12/8/2016)
- added OpenCart  2.3 support

v1.0.7 (11/5/2016)
- added OpenCart  1.5 version

v1.0.7f oc 2.2 (4/5/2016)
- fixed issue with options to module plugin in combination with auto-price extension

v1.8 (31/03/2016)
- fixed the issue with OC 2.2

v1.7f (18/03/2016)
- fixed the issue quantity in some occasions

v1.7v (10/02/2016)
- fixed the issue with thousands decimals

v1.6v (27/01/2016)
- on/off option for option image popup

v1.4v (22/01/2016)
- fixed autoprice in some cases with negative values

v1.4 (13/01/2016)
- fixed currency issues in some cases during autoprice

v1.3 (12/01/2016)
- automatic price on the category page when combined with options to category module

v1.2 (16/12/2015)
- added new checkbox image option

v1.1 (7/12/2015)
- fixed check-box bug

v1.0 (4/10/2015)
- Initial release

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