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Seo Friendly Urls

What it does

Seo Friendly Urls is easy to use module for changing the url routes of the url links that do not have that option in the admin panel, for example: account/account, account/login, checkout/cart, checkout/checkout, information/contact and more. Products, categories, manufacturers and information pages have the option to setup seo links. In that case you should use built in SEO option.

Seo Friendly Urls will help you to better optimize the urls of your opencart store.

For example you can change this:

Useful SEO routes

1. account/account
2. account/address
3. account/download
4. account/edit
5. account/facebooklogin/userdetails
6. account/forgotten
7. account/login
8. account/logout
9. account/newsletter
10. account/order
11. account/password
12. account/register
13. account/return/insert
14. account/transaction
15. account/voucher
16. account/wishlist
17. affiliate/account
18. checkout/cart
19. checkout/checkout
20. information/contact
21. information/sitemap
22. product/compare
23. product/manufacturer
24. product/search
25. product/special
26. account/return/add
27. affiliate/login
28. quickcheckout/checkout

Easy installation via ocmod.


ADMIN demo (guest/guest)

Front End - login page


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Check the Documentation tab


[b]OPENCART 2[/b]
The mod is released via ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).


[b][color=#35bb0c]1)[/color][/b] Upload *.zip package through Extensions > Extension Installer trhough opencart admin
[b][color=#35bb0c]2)[/color][/b] Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications
[b][color=#35bb0c]3)[/color][/b] Go to Extensions > Modules > Install and setup the “Seo Friendly Urls “ module
--- in OC 2.3+ Go to Extensions > Extensions>Modules > Install and setup the “Seo Friendly Urls “ module
[b][color=#35bb0c]4)[/color][/b] Setup the module.

      [code]SEO module  route examples:
      # ---- Route -------------- Url     
      1.     checkout/cart ---------- cart     
      2.     account/account -------- account     
      3.     information/contact ---- contact     
      4.     product/special -------- special[/code]

[b][color=#35bb0c]5)[/color][/b] Enable SEO keywords more info at: [url=][/url]

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to Disable or Delete the extension in Extensions > Modifications and then clear - refresh cache.

For manual rolback delete files in system\modification and Refresh the cache in admin.


You can also try to install the required files manually by uploading the content of the upload folder (in the mod zip package) through your ftp to your store root folder.
Than rename the install.xml to install.ocmod.xml and install just that one file through the modification manger and refresh the cache.


The update / remove cart is processed in the common.js javascript file of your theme.
Unfortunately, OCMOD or VQMOD can’t modify the javacsript files.

How to fix the issue:
For example default OPENCART theme:
1)    Locate file: Your-Store\catalog\view\javascript\common.js
2)    locate this line: if (getURLVar('route') == 'checkout/cart' || getURLVar('route') == 'checkout/checkout') {
-    You should find it 3x

Remove whole [b]if - else[/b] statement and add this instead:

[code]               var url_seo = document.URL;
               var m = url_seo.match(/\/([^\/]+)[\/]?$/);

               if (m[1] == 'cart' || m[1] == 'checkout') {
                    location = 'index.php?route=checkout/cart';
               } else {
                    $('#cart > ul').load('index.php?route=common/cart/info ul li');

Each m[1] in this statement refers to your url in seo. That means that now it will check if m[1] is cart or checkout than it
will reload the cart thus removing the product

v1.1c (19/2/2017)
- opencart 2.3 menu fix

v1.1 (16/1/2017)
- opencart 2.3 language and path fixes

v1.0f (13/9/2016)
- opencart 2.3 delete bug fixed

v1.0 (13/8/2016)
- opencart 2.3 support

v1.0 (30/11/2015)
- Initial release

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