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Summernote Paste Plain Text

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Summernote Paste Plain Text

What it does

Whit this extension you can copy any text from any site or from word and it will paste it as a plain text which is easy to edit.

Pasted text will be un-stylized thus the user does not have to remove the style or html commands.


OpenCart 2.0+ demo (guest/guest)

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[b]OpenCart 2.0+ :[/b]

1) Install summernote_plain_text.ocmod  package through Extensions > Extension Installer in opencart admin
2) Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to Disable or Delete the extension in Extensions > Modifications and then clear - refresh cache.
For manual rollback delete files in system\modification and Refresh the cache in admin.

v1.1 (12/08/2016)
- opencart 2.3+ support

v1.1 (4/05/2016)
- OC 2.2 release change due to summernote version change

v1.0 (10/02/2016)
- Initial release

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