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Text Price Options

Text Price Options

What it does

This extension ads a new option feature to your opencart stores. You can create dynamic text input boxes which can be charged. It is very useful to create text personalization for your products and set a price for such feature.

- You can add price to your text boxes.
- You can add multiple text boxes with all the classical option settings such as quantity, subtract stock, price, points, and weight.
- You can set multiple options for dynamic textboxes.

Easy installation via ocmod.


Front End Demo


OpenCart 2.0+
Automatic Price Update
Quantity Options PRO+ AutoPrice



See Documentation...


[b]OPENCART 2[/b]
The mod is released via ocmod, thus avoiding changes to core files OpenCart and easier maintenance (and possible rollback).

OpenCart 2.0+ :
1) Install text_option_price.ocmod.xml file through Extensions > Extension Installer in opencart admin
2) Refresh the modification cache with Refresh button in Extensions > Modifications

For a rollback of the installation, you simply need to Disable or Delete the extension in Extensions > Modifications and then clear - refresh cache.
For manual rollback delete files in system\modification and Refresh the cache in admin.

v1.1 (02/10/2016)
- Minor bug fix

v1.0 (26/08/2016)
- Initial release

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